How To Buy

To buy a hitman services, you don’t need to meet a hitman in person because it could be dangerous. We have online communication channel at our portal, first you have to register there and then we can communication further for our services via portal. Also, we never get payments in case or full advance rather we have online bitcoin payment gatewaysystem, which is more secure & easy for everyone.

Once hitman services deal finalized then, we only take 50% payment in advance via our bitcoin payment gateway and balance 50% payment after work will be completed.

Also, we would like to inform you that we always assigned trustworthy and trained hitman to complete your jobs. As we assigned most reliable contract killer on your job then they always ask 50% upfront payment in bitcoin and it is not negotiable.

Here are the STEPS, every customers/clients need to know and follow them accordingly –

Every client/customer will have to pay 50% payment upfront via bitcoin payment Gateway.

STEP1. Based on requirements you need to decide a budget and then we make an agreement between Shooter and Client accordingly.

STEP2. When the budget & agreement has been finalized then client needs to place an order by order form.

STEP3. Send 50% upfront payment in bitcoin. The contract killer needs 50% upfront before anything can be done. This is non-negotiable.

STEP4. After that your contract will assigned to a professional hitman. If you have a hitman in mind for the contract, you may specify him or her on the order page. Then we provide you an anticipated date so you may go to another city and create an alibi.

STEP5. Whenever you are happy with the Job, you send the remaining bitcoin to the killer.

Bitcoin is a popular method to pay for unlawful services on the dark web. Illegal products and services cannot be bought on the dark web using a credit card or a bank transfer. If you do, you can simply trace the orders back to you.

When it comes to killing, we have the best reputation on the dark web. We have been recognized by numerous leading websites, and we have a forum where our thousands of users discuss various topics.

If you want to buy anything illegal on the deep web, such as drugs, guns/weapons, bogus papers, stolen cards, and services that include murders, arson, or harsh beatings, you should never reveal your identify and pay with bitcoin.

To keep your IP address and identity secret and secure, use the Tor Browser. Millions of individuals use this to mask their IP address and escape monitoring. Tor Browser lets you to connect securely to.onion connections, which are nicknamed onion links because when you connect to them, there are layers of protection, exactly like an onion.

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For Any Kind Of Enquiry You can fill this form Or Write an email to [email protected]

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