Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions by our users. We hope you will get the answer to any query regarding our services, if not please contact us.

Ans – We do not accept Escrow due to the nature of our business.

Ans – We need to protect ourselves from customer nonpayment. Because customers pay after the job is done, how do we ensure they pay after we do the job? We can’t just go to kill customers who don’t pay; because they are anonymous we can’t find them. To ensure that customer pay, we ask them to exchange cash into bitcoin before we do the job. They will provide 50% of bitcoin.

Ans – We give tests to all gang members signing up as hitman to hurt specific people that we can check. We don’t rely on pictures or videos, because these can be fake, we go there and check if the person has been harmed. Police are not allowed to harm innocents to infiltrate our service, so they fail our tests.

Ans – LEO can’t shut down our website and arrest the webmaster because our site is hosted on the dark web, with the hosting hidden and no IP disclosed to visitors, no whois, no details about any domain name registrar or hosting company.

Ans – LEO can’t catch our gang members with fake orders because our gang members will do basic investigations before going to attack a target. Once an order is submitted, we send a gang member there. He will look like a normal civilian, unarmed, driving and walking the street in the area to look for the target. Once he identifies the target our gang member will look around for suspicious vans or cars that can protect the target. Our gang member will easily smell any undercover cops protecting the target on the street. Our gang members never break into houses blindly to look for the target. Most of our attacks and shooting are done on the street. Once the gang member identifies the target, he decides for a day and a way to kill the target. Most of the time, the gang member will wait in the parking lot for the target to appear, they will shoot him several times and then drive away in speed. If the target has protection the gang member can use a sniper rifle to shoot him from a safe distance. If Police place fake orders, they will just see their decoy being killed in front of their eyes. Even if the decoy wears a bulletproof vest, remember our gang members shoot a lot into the head and nobody’s vest will protect the target if is shot into the head. The Police can’t arrest our gang members and killers before the murder is done because they do not know who to arrest. Our gang member won’t show up wearing a sign ‘I am the killer’ they will just be there like any other civilian. Police can’t arrest everybody that is walking on the street near the target; they do not know how our hitmen look like until is too late. Once a hitman kills a decoy, Police can arrest the hitman if they catch him. But the hitman will not be able to tell information about other hitmen because one hitman does not know another hitman here. By placing a fake order, Police will get their decoy killed and then they could not catch our hitman if he does it from a safe distance. This is why Police don’t place fake orders. It’s a too big mess if they fail, and too little reward, if they catch one single hitman after their target, is dead.

Ans – LEO is short for law enforcement officers and represents all the law enforcement entities, such as Police, FBI, NSA, etc. Any officers that work for the government to catch criminals are referred by us and other sites as Leo.

Ans – Yes we accept currently new members.

Ans – Yes we do kill children.

Ans – Yes, we kill women. We do have hitmen that kill women targets. The cost does not vary with gender.

Ans – In our four years of operation, there has never been an order to kill a person for no good reason. We assume that an innocent or good person would not do anything to make someone go to the extent of paying for their assassination. The people who end up on our list of targets are often rapists, child abusers, and cons. These are people who have proved immoral and deserve to die.

Ans – We have strict measures to prevent cops from infiltrating the site. Secondly, we do not ask for any personal information from our customers. We also advise customers to use the Tor browser when placing any orders. Our business model operates on anonymity and undercover cops cannot do anything without any personal details and designed on a need-to-know basis which would not work for a law enforcement agency.

Ans – People who successfully hire hitmen are not likely to talk about it publicly. They prefer to keep the secret to themselves and live a normal life. We actively encourage our customers not to mention anything about paying for these services. Secondly, it is unprofessional to confess to using a service like Online Killers, otherwise, you might accidentally compromise your identity while doing so. However, we have a testimonials section on our site where you can give your review.

Ans – Yes, we have expert hitmen who can nail common celebrities but at a higher cost. Most of these hitmen are ex-military personnel with enough experience and can use sniper rifles.

Ans – The major reason to use the online platform is to protect the customer’s identity, as well as that of our hitmen.

Ans – Hiring a hitman online is not as risky as hiring a hitman from the streets. If you hire a hitman in the streets, he could be an undercover cop or he could run away with your money without doing the job. On Online Killers, the hitman does not see you, he doesn’t know who you are, and so he can’t give your information to anyone or even attempt to blackmail you. There is always a risk when trying to hire a hitman in person. Our website minimizes this risk by acting as a middle man between you and the hitman. We have hundreds of professional hitmen who have accounts on Online Killers, and if any of them does not do the job properly, he does not receive the payment. If a hitman fails to do 3 jobs in a row, his account on Online Killers is suspended. If you are trying to hire a hitman from the streets and he rips you off, you can’t go to the Police to report him. When you contract the Online Killers, we protect both our customers and our hitmen. All payments are made through Bitcoin to protect your identity and most importantly, you are in full control of your bitcoin until the job gets done. When you place an order, you provide proof of funds. This way, we know you have the funds available. The job gets assigned to the most suited hitman and he is only paid after the task is completed successfully. Using Online Killers is much more secure than using a hitman from the streets. We also accept internal or external escrow services, and you can suggest any trusted escrow service.

Ans – Proof 1. Customers are anonymous, we never ask for any personal details about you. Proof 2. No complaints.

Ans – Admins make 10% of all orders done on this site. Hitmen get 90% of the price.

Ans – Yes, our expert hitmen can kill high profile targets except for presidents due to the high level of security. The cost of such tasks can go more than $30 000.

Ans – If the hitman fails to complete the task for any reason then client don’t need to pay. We can assign a different hitman to do the job.

Ans – Isn’t an issue to unveil your name while purchasing Bitcoin in light of the fact that is legitimate to buy bitcoin anybody can do it for legitimate purposes like ventures or to installments on the web. In any case, after that purchasing bitcoin, it is prudent to secretly spend it. To this end you want to get a second bitcoin wallet and move the bitcoin into that. The second bitcoin wallet should be mysterious. You can utilize online bitcoin wallets like http://b5jykcyll2yw52bvvmiad6hg65bzbdkd7jgrwtpz2mbttobr2p7taxad.onion or application wallets like electrum You can make an unknown wallet and move bitcoin from one genuine name wallet to a mysterious wallet losing joins between the records. Anybody investigating it will realize you bought bitcoin on your unique record, yet won’t be aware in the event that the subsequent record has a place with you or not. On the off chance that anybody asks how you managed bitcoin, you can say you gave it to a foundation administration or that you lost it on a bitcoin betting site. Bitcoin exchanges are unknown, so they can’t know whether the second wallet where you sent your bitcoin has a place with you or on the other hand in the event that it has a place with an alternate site, like betting or noble cause. You can likewise find out about how to purchase bitcoin in your country. A few nations have bitcoin merchants that consent to meet with you and give you bitcoin for cash. This is the most ideal choice in light of the fact that nobody gets your name along these lines. In the event that you meet a dealer where there is no video observation, utilize a cap and far to make your face harder to recollect, then you are exceptionally protected.

Ans – Bitcoin is a digital currency. It is a computerized cash of some sort. It doesn’t have psychical banknotes. You will require computerized wallets to store bitcoin. Google how to get bitcoin in your country. Purchase bitcoin on cryptographic money exchanging locales, for example,

Ans – To guarantee the security of our clients, we don’t permit wire moves or money installments. All installments are finished utilizing bitcoin.

Ans- It relies upon the gig trouble. For normal denotes, the regular person, can be killed in about fourteen days. Significant imprints need reconnaissance tasks, high level plans and can require a while before they will be dead. Subsequent to giving verification of bitcoin, we will relegate a contract killer from the area to finish the work and timetable a date when the hit will occur. This permits you to escape the city and stay away from any connects to the wrongdoing.

Ans – The low-paying position is relegated to nearby executioners who don’t travel a ton. They can execute orders in a scope of 100 miles without spending a lot and without leaving follows at the location of the crime. Assuming your request requires a specialist contract killer, the cost will be higher to incorporate the acquisition of rifleman rifles, counterfeit archives, plane tickets, inn booking, and so forth.

Ans – This has been the cost for the killing of the typical individuals for quite a while throughout the long term. Drug junkies or street pharmacists who are under water and need speedy money, effectively consent to kill an individual that is an alien to them for $5 000. Since police generally look for associations and thought processes, these executioners go uncaught. Note that not all positions should be possible for the US $5 000. Significant imprints require master hired gunmen that are costly. We have ex-military contract killers who handle more muddled assignments. They are additionally appropriate for abroad tasks. The cost to have a task finished by them is $30 000 or more costs.

Ans – Certain individuals guarantee there are no contract killers on the dim web. Is that valid? No, that isn’t accurate. Hired gunmen can publicize their administrations anyplace internet, remembering for the dim web . I fail to really understand the reason why contract killers can’t promote their administrations and take the business on the web. However long they stay mysterious, same difference either way. Most contract killers who promote online are Rarely Gotten. Since they are unknown. Those couple of hired gunmen who get captured are live models that Assassins Really do Promote THEIR Administrations ON Dim WEB. Evidence of a hired gunman that publicized online is a 17-year-old kid from Russia, that got $15 000 as installment to kill Lt Col Shishkina, a cop battling drugs in Moscow. Google the case: The 17 years of age purchase needed to be a hired gunman and promoted his administrations on a Commercial center on the dim web. Anyway his misstep is that he didn’t publicize his administrations on a contract killer commercial center, all things considered, he went to an overall commercial center. He likewise committed different errors by not maintaining his character mystery when he took clients. His most memorable client, Miguel Spirits a medication ruler requested that he kill Lt Col Shishkina. The 17 years of age youngster, requested the assistance from a companion, AbdulazizAbdulazizov to assist him with the gig. They were starting contract killers, with no experience and no weapon. They requested a weapon that was outsourced to a woodland, and they got ammo in a lodging. They went to where the objective resided and shot her two times in the head from the back. Lt Col Shish kina passed on minutes after the fact. Since they are with no experience, they left loads of proof and Police immediately captured them. They told agents everything, including how they did the homicide and the name of who employed them. This is confirmation that contract killers in all actuality do publicize on the dim web. In any case, it is likewise confirmation that fledglings get captured and that you ought to never tell your name or subtleties to the assassin. In the event that the assassin gets captured, he shouldn’t realize who employed him. This way he can’t surrender you. On Internet based Executioners hired gunmen we have encountered assassins, who don’t get found out. They have weapons and leave no fingerprints and proof. For this reason our assassins don’t get found out. Furthermore, in the event that they get captured they never say they were employed to finish a work. We completely test every one of our contract killers prior to giving them occupations from clients. We never acknowledge children or young people as hired gunmen, and we never acknowledge covert police as contract killers as we generally request that they do tests that include hurting honest people and cops don’t do that. Our client’s security is significant and we can’t give instances of our clients and their objectives. To get familiar with the viability of hired gunmen administrations, you can look for reports of individuals killed by obscure individuals. Note that these accounts frequently have a typical storyline. An obscure shooter essentially turns up and shoots the casualty prior to running away from the area utilizing vehicles or cruisers. A large portion of them are our hired gunmen. Models: reports-kilburn We acknowledge new contract killer enrollments, yet we initially request that they send us a demo video showing that they own a firearm by wearing a cover and firing the firearm. shooter/

Ans – The website, first and foremost, is worked from the profound web and its IP locations and servers are very much gotten. Aside from the IP address, the area of our servers is covered up, and nobody realizes our facilitating organization. Because of these actions, it is hard for police specialists to penetrate the site. Essentially, the FBI would need to hack our site to shut it down. We safeguard our site decently well, with the best developers and the most modern programming to stay quiet.

Ans – Online Executioners isn’t a police honeypot since all individuals remain completely unknown. Aside from the contract killers, clients are additionally completely mysterious. By keeping a mysterious character, you can’t be captured on the grounds that nobody has your subtleties. We don’t meet clients and we don’t request their names, Visas, or financial balance data. Since we have no data about the clients, we can’t capture them. In the improbable case that the site gets hacked, regulation masters can’t capture the clients. The actions above are adequate to demonstrate that Web-based Executioners isn’t a police honeypot.

Ans – Indeed, this is genuine.

Ans – The homicide should be possible as a mishap. A fender bender, a burglary turned out badly, fire, wild creature assault, or alternate ways can guarantee police won’t think any human for it. The executioner will give an expected date when the occupation is finished, is suggested that you go beyond the town on that date, to an alternate city where you can visit shopping centers and places with observation cameras, to have verification that you have been in an alternate area. Along these lines assuming anybody asks where you have been at the hour of the homicide you will answer that you were in an alternate city and you have video reconnaissance evidence. That is areas of strength for a. A typical method for doing it as a mishap is somebody who can take a vehicle, hang tight for the objective in the parking area close to his home or work environment and while seeing the imprint he can get some speed, profess to be an alcoholic driver and let completely go and crash the vehicle into the objective killing him, then take off from the spot of mishap. Police won’t ever think it was arranged homicide.

Ans – Due to the non-availability of an outside escrow account, that acknowledges murder for recruit administrations, we require at least 50% upfront payment before the job can be carried out. The escrow exchange should contain the name of the objective and the administrations requested.

Ans – The expense for homicide is between US $5,000 dependent upon US $60 000, contingent upon the special conditions of each work. We have frantic medication junkies that snatch a modest unregistered handgun, take a vehicle, hang tight for the objective in the parking garage and shoot him a few times to the chest and afterward drive away for $5 000 and we have master ex-military executioners who can take out notable individuals that are protected by protectors. For the regular person, no protector, no weapon of his own, no self-preservation abilities, the killing should be possible as far as we’re concerned $5 000 – US $15 000. For a celebrity, you really want a specialist hired gunman, and the cost is $30 at least 000. If it’s not too much trouble, consistently determine the greatest value you can manage for a homicide. Try not to choose the base cost, in light of the fact that at the base cost you will get the least expensive assassin with the most minimal arrangement of abilities and experience. In the event that you can bear to pay more, offer more. You will get a superior gifted contract killer and you will enjoy more harmony of brain. On the off chance that you can’t stand to pay a ton, offer all that you can bear. We will attempt to take care of business. We have different sorts of contract killers, some are ex-military, thoroughly prepared and with a great deal of involvement. These have greater costs. We have drug fiends and gangsters who are in the red and need cash quick. These are less expensive yet they have relatively little abilities. Here and there, modest hired gunmen fizzle. For this situation, the client doesn’t pay, he gets his finances back. Or on the other hand we can relegate an alternate contract killer and have another attempt. This is the kind of thing that we let the client choose. On the off chance that he needs the assets back or an alternate contract killer doled out. Be that as it may, to stay away from this sort of circumstances, attempt to propose however much you can manage, to get the best gifted contract killer you can manage.

Ans – We offer administrations in many nations. USA, Canada, Germany, Joined Realm, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Austria, Spain, and numerous other European Association nations, Australia, Russia, India, Japan, China, and different nations. Moreover, we can do work with the administrations in different locales, yet there are additional expenses to incorporate voyaging, counterfeit records.

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