Earn Money


If you are looking to make some quick money with us you can make some graffiti in a public place talking about our website in detail, contact us for more information on this using our online communication channel, for this we can pay you $10-$100 depending on how much you wrote, how visible it is, where it is and how many people approaches us, also the amount of information you add to the graffiti factors in, once you have done this,then contact us providing evidence like photos, videos, timestamps and telling us where you did it and how many people walk past and then we will pay you accordingly.

Trust me you do not need to be an expert artist with a PhD in the art to do this, it’s like writing, we do not care if it looks bad as long as it’s readable and the word gets out. Of course, if you do not draw at night but do it during the day wear something like a ski mask or hat and sunglasses, but doing it late at night around 1 am is a good idea as there will be no one around, as if the police caught you or people reported you and you got caught advertising a website offering such brutal services you would be in big trouble with the law, try to add in as much information as you can when doing the graffiti, e.g. our website address, the websites name, services we offer and potentially how to access the website using Tor Browser.

For Any Kind Of Enquiry You can fill this form Or Write an email to [email protected]

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